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Personal Injury

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Colville Johnstone Lawyers are committed to upholding their strong social justice values and understand that when a person is injured, it often affects their family as well, both financially and emotionally. It’s during these times when people need the most help, often facing an extended time off work and struggling to keep up with the bills. With this in mind, our experienced lawyers take positive steps to work with our clients, easing their anxiety and build strong working relationships.

Legal Costs:

We assess every matter on a case by case basis and if a client cannot “pay as they go”, we regularly offer to carry out the work on a “No Win / No Fee” or a “Deferred Payment” basis. We genuinely strive to put our clients at ease, by allowing them to concentrate on their rehabilitation and recovery rather than stressing about paying legal fees as the matter progresses.

“No Win / No Fee”

Depending on your circumstances, we may offer to carry out your work on a “No Win / No Fee” basis. Before we offer to carry out the work for you on this basis, we must be satisfied that:

• Your claim is valid and has legal merit; and
• Without us carrying out the work for you on this “No Win / No Fee” basis, you would not be able to afford to take legal action; and
• You are fully aware of the legal costs you will likely incur with us handling your matter; and
• You are fully informed of the risk of paying the other party’s legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful. This is a potential risk in all litigation.

Whilst carrying out the work for you on a “No Win / No Fee” basis means you will not pay for “professional legal fees” unless your case is successful, you should note that you may be requested to pay some “disbursements” along the way, such as the fees incurred to obtain your medical records or an expert medical report.

“Deferred Payment” basis

An alternative basis upon which we regularly assist clients who fail to meet the above “No Win / No Fee” criteria is by offering to carry out work on a “Deferred Payment Basis”. This is especially helpful to clients who have money tied up and can’t immediately access it. Again, “disbursements” may be payable when requested by us, however, “professional legal fees” are payable shortly before or at the end of your case, regardless of the outcome.

Common questions asked by our new clients:-

“I have just been injured and don’t know what to do…”

Strict time limits apply when making a claim for a Personal Injury and the legislation is complex. If you fail to comply with the legislative time frames, you may forfeit your rights to make a claim for compensation.

Furthermore, in some instances, we can assist with getting the Insurer to pay for some of your expenses to assist in your rehabilitation.

Regardless if you are a driver of a motor vehicle, passenger, pedestrian or employee, if you are injured as a result of a negligent act, you should contact us and obtain legal advice as soon as possible to preserve your rights.

“What can I claim for?”

Whilst the amount of your claim will most likely depend on the particular facts of your situation (including the seriousness of your injury), generally speaking, you may be able to claim an amount of compensation for the following:

• Pain and suffering; and
• Out of pocket expenses, including medical and other professional expenses; and
• Financial loss, including income, superannuation and future loss of earnings; and
• Damage to or loss of property; and
• Future expenses, such as paid domestic help, medical costs and medication; and
• Care and assistance provided by family and friends; and
• Other negative impacts on your life; and
• Interest, on your losses.

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