Coochiemudlo marks Matthew Flinders’ landing

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Coochiemudlo marks Matthew Flinders’ landing

MORE than 200 people paid tribute to the English navigator and cartographer Lieutenant Matthew Flinders at a special ceremony on Coochiemudlo Island on Sunday, 20 July 2014.

The ceremony included the annual re-enactment of Flinders and his crew landing on the island’s beach, more than 215 years ago on July 19, 1799.

Photo - 1 Flinders Landing

The island’s Paul Moynagh dressed up as the Lieutenant and naval cadets from TS Norfolk rowed him ashore in Trim, a 2m dinghy, named after Flinders’ cat.

The crowd on Norfolk Beach cheered as Mr Moynagh re-enacted Flinders taking the island’s bearings from the sun, using a sextant.

About 150 visitors from the mainland, who made the ferry ride to the island for the re-enactment, were greeted on the jetty by the local red-coated constabulary pursuing escaped colonial villains.

The island markets were well patronised before local residents held a parade to the island’s eastern beach for the ceremony.

The crowd followed the Redlands Drum Corp band and a large contingent of cadets and officers from TS Norfolk to the historic Norfolk Beach to watch the re-enactment.

One of the rowers was Tim Flomersfeld, a descendant of Matthew Flinders.

Visitors commented on the community spirit of the day and the locals’ dedication to preserving the history of the island and its place in Queensland heritage.

Photo - 2 Flinders Landing

Photo - 4 Flinders Landing

Directors of Colville Johnstone Lawyers, Bruce Johnstone and Kylie Barrow with “Lieutenant Matthew Flinders”

Source:  Judith Kerr – Redland City Bulletin


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